Mocha Pro 2021 Released! Now with Powermesh - subplanar tracking and Alembic Export!

Congrats to our friends at BorisFX on the release of Mocha Pro 2021! Check out this video on Powermesh: Subplanar tracking and Alembic geo export into Action! :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff! I really can’t wait to see how well the new PowerMesh works!

It works really well and finally they have made the software much more stable on flame prior to this version it hung up a lot, but they seemed to of fixed that now at least on Linux.

Oh wow! That’s great to hear! I’m a big S_Mocha user and I’m more than familiar with those hang ups. I’m at the point where I know if I’ve been working on something for a while (and most likely have filled up my VRAM) I’ll have to exit Flame and open it again if I want to use Mocha.

But now I can’t wait even more :sunglasses:

think you have to get mocha pro not the sapphire version to really use all the export features.

I figured as much. I’ll have to see if grabbing a real copy is in the cards!

Alembic export into Action! nice…

Thank You So much for this!