Updated Sparks to OFX and Mocha Tracking

Just updated our sapphire sparks to ofx. There use to be a cutdown version of mocha you could use to do tracks and export your data as stabilise information but I can’t seem to fine it. I do see mocha everywhere but can’t export the tracking data. Do we now need to get ofx mocha?

Thanks jt

As far as I know, mocha inside the sapphire plug-in remains in the plug-in. In order to export you need the mocha plug-in. Happy to be proved wrong. @Brian.fox

Thanks for getting back to me john. I have looked through the boris fx website and I don’t see any videos for s-mocha not the ofx for s-mocha. The website states

“Mocha’s rock-solid planar tracking is included within every Sapphire effect. Drive effect parameters like Sapphire Lens Flare position data or isolate an area with a tracked mask on an effect like Sapphire Glow or Sapphire Blur.” No separate tracker :slightly_frowning_face:


If I add an S_Sharpen OFX, for example, to a clip, then under Main/Controls hit Edit Mocha, Im instantly taken into Mocha for tracking to add S_Sharpen to my plate.

Im using the latest v2021.51.


Hello gentlemen,

There was a Mocha Spark included with Sapphire Sparks because there was no equivalent Mocha Pro Spark. This made sense at the time because wanted to get Mocha tracking into Flame, but it was always a little bit of hack and mostly a stopgap. Now that we have moved to Sapphire OFX, the answer is to use Mocha Pro OFX for exporting data back into Flame.

The integrated Mocha tracker in Sapphire is like the site says…really for tracking masks of effects and positional effect data, like LensFlare positions or Zap positions.