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To all the Mocha Pro users out there… this is one of those, I have always wanted to know how to do it but never managed to work it out questions…
How do I change the reference frame of a track in Mocha so that when I export the track I can pick which frame everything is set to 0 on? Basically like the adjust track button in Action but for Mocha Pro (as an OFX plugin)? I just want to be able to adjust the start frame of the track. So just say I have an 100 frame clip that we started tracking from frame 1, but I want to export the track so that when I import it into flame, then frame 56 is the frame where all the position, rotation, size, skew, etc; are all set to 0.

Quirky UI - I believe you need to go to the stabilize module and on the frame you want hit the plus symbol to add that frame as reference in the stabilizer settings, then export. Supposedly you can also do it adjust track, but not familiar with it.

Tried that and it is still got the same zero frame unfortunately.

If I understand correctly, you want to export the track, choosing which frame is your reference frame, so that everything lines up in it’s original position etc?
If so then go to your desired frame, then click on the ‘show planar surface’ button (big blue square with s in the middle), then click on the ‘Expand the planar surface’ (little blue square with s in the middle) so that it goes to the edge of your frame. This is now your ref frame and you can now export the track.

I suspect that there may be a difference between tracker data exported as a file and using the data as an OFX plugin.

In this video you can see him using the reference frame to match his clean plate. He’s using the OFX plugin in this case.

Just did a test. If you go to the stabilize menu and hit + under Frame List like was mentioned, then this works when you export a track AND if you feed into the OFX plugin. My other way only works if you export the track.

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