Tutorial search - mocha stabilize to flame tutorials

what are the best tutorials to see how to stabilize in Mocha and export and use in flame - I am overwhelmed when I go to the Boris training site so thought if anyone can direct me to the best ones for dummies (me)



@Jeff did one for logikfest. This is the stabilize and destabilize technique

There is another good one somewhere but im struggling to find it.

Also this is a good webinar from a while ago

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Yes! Thanks for the shout out. This is a little old but I do enjoy this workflow.

I have an updated Mocha Flame tutorial that’s slowly materializing, but what Ben linked should make some sense.

The recording of this tutorial was a while ago, and since then I’ve learned that if you export a gmask of the track data from Mocha and load it into a Gmask Tracer node, you can copy the axis from that Gmask Tracer into an Action node to do a more traditional Flame Action stabilization. This gives you some more flexibility if you need to adjust the stabilize. Just used this for a job last week for smoothing it out.

Hope this helps! And new tutorial to come…. Eventually. :sweat_smile:

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Your tutorial is great, really helped me out!

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OMG I remember this!! yes! Thanks for picking the flower out of the weeds for me! and thank Jeff! look forward to the next one!

I was just using this on a shot where Mocha was the only tracker that could hold a super low texture track. Thanks for the solid tutorial.

One question - is there a way of auto scaling the canvas to handle the overscan, like you can do this with the 2D stabilizer method? I looked around for quite a while, but couldn’t decipher it.