Monitor NIT vs real world

Made a quick video showing real world NITs of various things, yea its just a app on a phone so its wont be perfectly accurate but it give us a pretty good idea how how bright things are, espeically when talking about monitor and HDR NITs, you can see that even on a october day in germany (given there is blue skies today which is odd). you can find stuff thats 10.000 or even 20.000 NIT

I also checked some skintones and with the sun hitting it it was around 6000NIT and in the shade around 400NIT.

So no, a 5000NIT monitor will not be “too bright” and we are still far off from beign able to represent outdoor scenes in a true to life fashion, but we are getting closer :smiley:


“To bright” is always depends on viewing conditions. 200 NITs display in completely dark room will give you eyesrain after 15 minutes of usage, 200 NITs iPhone screen in bright day will be almost unreadable. It`s always about viewing conditions

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yea also depends on how much of your Field of view the screen it takes up and other factors but I can work very comfortable with a 1000NIT screen in a dark room when doing HDR work, and there is nothing wrong with dialing that up even more, there is certainly a lot of stuff clipping that one has to tonemap down, that I would love to see not tonemapped down. But yes as you said 200NIT SDR in a dark room is pretty bad on the eyes.

Other way around is why lots of people complain that HDR is too dark, absolute lumiances on your livingroom TV might not be what everyone wants either. interesting transitional world we live it :smiley:

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Hey @finnjaeger what app are you using for this test?

Looks like a good one to help illustrate HDR.

Cine meter 2 its great also for measuring the NITs of a display :slight_smile: