Qd-oled 1000nit

Here we go, there it finally is! a 1000NIT peak TV with like 90% Rec2020 coverage.

Insane. Going to order one for the new office. NICE


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yea he hasnt had one yet,
he tried the samsung with the same
panel, that was good but samsung just cant make software snd sony has additional cooling

@finnjaeger Could you let us know what you think when you’ve been using it for a few weeks?

happy to in like oktober :slight_smile:

It’s worse than that. Samsung was detecting when the tv was displaying a calibration swatch and juicing its output accordingly. They must’ve hired Volkswagen’s old software engineers.

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yea I think they where actually tuning it down when they detected patches right?

I thinkt heir logic behind it is

  • we want to get good marks from reviewers

-HDR is too dark for everyone we need to make it brighter

? samsung tvs software is so whack and unprofessional its in my blacklist,

Yes it behaved correctly when calibrating, then when in normal use it was juiced to be brighter, contrastier, and more saturated. This is fine-ish I guess in Store Demo mode or whatever, but the rub was that they also did it in Pro mode and you couldn’t turn it off. It’s possible they’ll be shamed into pushing out a firmware update that fixes it, but ugh. It come from the same weird cultural aesthetic place that drove them to force faux HFR on everyone out of the box, I think.

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yea no love for samsung monitors

Looks like these are out and available. Anyone got one yet?

have one, still in packaging as we are waiting for construction to be finished for our grading suite :frowning:

( mid september…)

A worthy contender