Motion Control FBX into Flame?

Hey there guys and gals,

I got an FBX file from a motion control rig and I’m wondering how to line this up to my shot.

I don’t have the full take of the shot, only part of the shot and there no visual markers inside the file, axis, object etc.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to do this?

Can you get the full shot, even if it’s ungraded?

You will need to figure out where stuff is in 3d space relative to the FBX, which can be quite difficult without real world measurements. Also, the FBX won’t have any shakes, shimmies, or wobbles from the rig, so even if you had correct scene data it might not always stick.

Did they shoot a trackers pass for ya?

Typically these are far less helpful than anyone things they ought to be. Just ask @Sinan . I think he works for a production company using MoCo and if memory serves me right they still do tracking passes.

Most data from MoCor rigs, if Im not mistaken, isn’t necessarily oriented or scaled to helpful units. Plus, it doesn’t care about what is seen through the lens so it has no idea if anything useful is in the scene or where things you care about are.

I’d camera track it.

I work for a production company and we have our own motion control robots. Never have I ever been successful in using FBX from robot to Flame. I always shoot a tracking pass for posterity and use a camera tracker.

I’m sorry I can’t provide a solution. But please let us know if you come up with one.

If in the future you have such a shot make sure to get a track pass.

Also it’s worth noting, if you have a 3D department, there is a software called Mimic for Maya from Autodesk. By taking real world measurements 3D dept can precisely create movements and upload them to a variety of moco systems as well as into Flame via FBX.


Thank you to everyone for sharing their knowledge and input.

You’ve pretty much confirmed what I thought was the case that the FBX is pretty much not very useful right now.

At this point in time, unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of time to try and test it out and try more stuff, so will just have to camera track it, the good old fashioned way.