Move a frame to an other position in same Reel

Hello forum

would like to move a frame(consisting of about 60 still frames) to an other position in the same Reel.

When clicking on the frame(s) to be moved, not only the desired frames are selected, but all frames
of the Reel are shown with a yellow boarder :frowning:

How can a frame (consisiting of 60 still frames) be moved to an other place of the same Reel?

Thanks a lot!


Copy/paste does insert the frame(s) at the end of the clip.

Hi Joe,

I think I understand what you’re asking, but I also might a little unclear without seeing what you’re describing. I’ll answer what I think your question is.

It’s sounding like you may have inadvertently pressed the “c” key (Flame hotkeys) and are viewing the clip in a mode that displays all of the frames, instead of displaying one frame to represent the sequence. If that’s the case, you can hover over the sequence in question and press “c” to collapse the sequence down and only show the one frame. Once it’s collapsed you can more easily move sequences around your desktop. You’ll find that depending on where your mouse is located when you press “c” you get different results—hovering over a sequence opens up just that sequence; hovering over the empty space on a reel opens up all the sequences on that reel, and hovering over the empty bar between the desktop and the timeline opens up the whole reel group.

Hopefully that answers your question or leads you in the right direction, but if not, I stumbled upon this video in trying to find some visual reference. It’s a little older but I think it covers some of what you’re asking about.

Thank you very much for the help and the link to the tutorial. Already at 1:09 a solution
is shown :slight_smile:

The only little remaining challenge is that after “Cut → At Each Splices” all fames
(consisting of about about 60 still frames) are shown de-collpsed in the Reel.
This makes it difficult to change the order ot the frames.
I was required to manually collaps (with C) all 60 still-frames sequences in
oder to make the desired re-arrange (move a frame to an other place at the Reel/clip).

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Hiya Joe, if you want, I have a little bit of time this morning to screen share/watch your screen. It might be the case that there is a simpler way for you to achieve what you are trying to achieve. Gestural editing is supposed to be for easy/quick things, and, quickly falls on its face for more complex tasks, which is where the timeline comes into play.

If you want to join the Logik Discord server, there’s a place we can easily voice chat and share screens if that’s the kinda thing that’d move this along for you.

Thank you very much Randy for the great offer! Today I have classes and probably it’s wiser to ask
for help when I am stuck down next in a really difficult situation :slight_smile: Ok?

Thank’s again and regards,

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Perfect. We’ve been toying around with the idea on the Discord server of hosting “office hours,” a few members of the community that can be available for super quick questions/screen shares to help people out, especially those that are new.

Be on the lookout for that, and thanks for being here!


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