Multiple Track Resolutions on Timeline

Hello Logik!

I’m working on 3200x1800 timeline and I’ve noticed something I’ve never seen before. While bottom track is at 3200X1800, the track above for some reason is at 1920X1080 and the next one at 3200X1800.

Is this a feature, because I can’t recall how I produced it? The workaround was copying everything to a new timeline, but I’m just curious how this could have happend!

Flame 2021.2.2 on Big Sur 11.6.6



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You might have dropped a 1920x1080 clip/track onto your first track. It will report as 1920x1080 with alt-click on your 3200x1800 timeline but will have a resize TLFX applied to it.

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Indeed, Ive found the Segment with the BFX, but no resize applied in timeline! In BFX the back clip is at 3200X1800, but Bfx output is at 1920X1080. Where should the resize be?

From your explanation, I think you dropped a segment that was 1920x1080 maybe a colored frame (that’s what I do sometimes) onto your timeline. That specific segment should have a timelline FX resize tab. If the output of the BFX is at 1920x1080 and your timeline at 3200x1800 there has to be a resize somewhere…

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Thats what the track on the timeline looks like. Although it is set on 1920X1080, the resize is missing.

And thats what is happening inside the Bfx.


Weird for sure. Restarting Flame might fix it…

Its been there for a while, no restart fixed it. Weird indeed!

Thank you Sinan!


Is the Sequence based on a xml from Premiere? For a year there are more and more bugs with resolutions etc.
PR gets worse every Update.

The timeline came from Avid Media Composer as an .aaf at 1920X1080, so before linking materials I’ve reformated it at 3200X1800. Thats what I do almost everytime. The thing here is that only the first bfx has this kind of anomally (maybe I’ve created it before reformating I cant recon), the rest segments of the timeline are as they should be. Furthermore, when I move focus point on this track, viewport scales out like an HD clip should do on an higher resolution timeline, so I guess no resize is actually applied! If move focus point higher or lower from this track viewport scales up to normal. I’ll try to make a screenshot.

Thank you guys!


This is the resize inside Bfx, which is set to 1920X1080!