New Resize and Crop node

Hi everyone,

I have a bfx on a timeline segment and it also has a resize soft effect. Did I note somewhere that you can move/delete the resize node on the TL and move it into the BFX now? If so then how?

I think modifying a BFX output res is still a request not filled.

What you can do now with 2024.1 is if you copy / extract a segment from a timeline (and in the timeline it has a resize) you can open that new clip and remove the resize to get the clip at it’s original size. I’ve been using that already and it’s great.

Still would like to be able to modify the BFX output:
FI-03070 Changeable output resolution in BFX & Gap BFX

If you have a segment that has both a Batch FX followed by a Resize Timeline FX you can open the Context menu for the Batch FX in the Timeline Ribbon and send the Resize inside the Batch FX using the Reset to Sequence Resolution entry.

What Bryan is mentioning is something that I forgot to show in the Logik Live about 2024.1 Update: The ability to remove a Timeline FX Resize that was automatically added because of a resolution mismatch from a source clip that was extracted from a sequence.

Hi Fred. I’m having trouble understanding how to do this. Can you show with screen shots.

Never mind I found it. My wife calls it domestic blindness. haha


OK So I have successfully moved the TL resize into BFX but is there a way to undo it it. (other than the undo button).

I took a 4k clip into bfx and the bfx render was 4k. The TL is hd so there’s a resize on the bfx. If I use the function to reset to sequence res then the resize node of TL is removed and the bfx render node has a resize on it to HD. If I want to go back to the way it was how can I do this? Once the render node in bfx is defined there doesn’t seem a way to change it.