Segment naming in increments of 10?

Im having a brain fart. Whats the syntax to dynamically name segments in a timeline in increments of 10?

You use the custom index rename token. It starts out like this:


The #'s refer to how many numbers used / padding

The first 1 refers to the first number used / starting point

The second 1 refers to the increment number

Starting with a shot number 100 incrementing by 10 looks like:


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Wow. That is awesome. I’ve always put a “0” after the token. I’m excited to see a way to do that. Time to start naming my shots in increments of 7 and making everyone mad at me.

Good point Andy, maybe custom index is overkill for a simple increment of 10.

In that case using the Segment Index with a 0 afterwards works wonders. Just have to remember to add the #'s into the middle.

<segment##>0 for 010
<segment###>0 for 0010

What I like about this one is that it remains “live” even after you finish renaming and it keeps the token intact. The custom index “bakes in” the rename as soon as it’s in, which I’m not too fond of, although I don’t really see a big negative now that I say it out loud.


Same. ## + 0 after. Works a charm

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