NDI Tools 4.6 download links

(Edited Update! As of early November 2021, NewTek has updated their NDI Tools 5 which Autodesk has confirmed fixes some Mac audio corruption issues.)

For me, NDI Tools 5 and Flame 2022.1 don’t like each other. The trouble is, NDI’s website is super unhelpful when it comes to downloading previous versions of NDI Tools, namely, NDI Tools 4.6.

So, if you are looking for NDI Tools download links for 4.6, check these links out. These are from Newtek’s email that includes download links.

NDI Tools 4.6 for Mac

NDI Tools 4.6 for Windows

If you’ve mistakenly installed NDI Tools 5, and it causes audio in Flame to be all clicky and nasty, simply uninstall NDI Tools 5, and use the above inks to download and install NDI Tools 4.6.


I thought NDI is always supposed to be backward compatible.

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I thought so too, and I’m trying to figure it out. But currently version 5 causes clicking in my audio.

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I’ve edited my original post since it could be something weird on my end. I’ve got a call with support tonight.

You are on Mac?

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Wasn’t that a known issue talked about in the event yesterday?

I was unable to attend.

After speaking with Autodesk Support, there is a known issue with NDI Tools 5 and Flame on the Mac side, as you mentioned @ALan. The work around is to roll back to NDI Tools 4.6. For me, the above versions worked.

FLME-58533 Corrupted audio when monitoring through NDI Studio Monitor 5.0 on Mac

Randy I’ve got NDI available in TEAMS. But how do I make it available to others as a source?

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Hiya @Hengy!

You mean you have NDI as an “available camera” in Microsoft Teams? If so, then you’re almost there. Just open the NDI Virtual Camera application, and under Sources, choose the NDI stream you’d like to send. Think of NDI as having all of these little apps which are like Video Routers.

Like so…(Please note! My example uses an NDI iPhone camera as an…umm…example! Yours will be your Flame Output over NDI)

Am I understanding your question correctly?

Nope you’re right. Now I just need to add audio. i’ll keep playing. thanks for your help.

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@randy Question - is it possible to monitor audio in Flame and output audio over NDI at the same time? I lose my audio monitoring ability in Flame when outputting to NDI, unless I’m not setting something up correctly.

Currently Flame outputs only over a single interface. So, you aren’t setting up anything wrong. It’s designed to output audio over NDI as well so you’ll need something somewhere that can read NDI to monitor it.

On the Mac side, it’s as simple as launching the NDI Monitor application, choosing your Flame as the input, and then using Loopback to send the audio from the NDI Monitor application to the speakers/audio device of your choice. As you saw, this was what I rushed through on the video at 3:49. Logik Academy - Intro to NDI Tools in Flame - YouTube

On the Linux side…hmm…I haven’t had to dive into that one yet. @Gunpowder @Jack @panisset, have you guys found/setup a Linux version of the ol’ Rogue Amoeba Loopback hack from the Mac side of things? NDI monitoring on the LInux side is super limited at the moment. I’d likely skip all that and just use a tiny pc or Mac Mini under the desk on your network with the NDI Monitoring application open and your Flame selected and just ‘listen’ through that device. NDI is a wee bit clunky in the local monitoring department, but there are ways around it.

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@randy Thanks Randy. I was anticipating that what you mentioned would be the case. Sucks that I can’t monitor audio when streaming to my client over the net and I need another PC, but it works amazingly well for picture.

Has anyone had any luck sending a linux Flame NDI stream over AWS?
I can send other NDI signals over AWS but not Flame. Flame has been inconsistent. If I toggle the NDI output and change frame rates I can sometimes get a picture…but again, not consistently.


@Josh_Laurence ? @tombox ? @panisset ? @tgentry ? @will.harris ?

Im using Linux NDI, not via AWS…calling in refinforcements… stand by.

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Any option to use NDI v5 now that flame 2022.3 is here? Gonna check the release notes.


A recent version of Flame did fix this, so, go wild with NDI Tools 5.

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