Neat Video Calibration Target

Use this on your next job, its very good, I just printed in out on matte paper in High quality and bring it on every shoot.

Not many people know this I think , or maybe you guys do then … nevermind :smiley:

Bonus points: you can also put it on a card in 3D and render it then build a profile for your renderer to denoise renders … it can work pretty well sometimes. (deending on how the noise is distributed in the image… denoising cg is another topic all in its own)


Interesting that it doesn’t have pure RBG colors. I would have thought that it would work better if it could look at the noise pattern in the individual channels but I guess not. I also wonder if you would get the same result by shooting a color chip chart out of focus.

good question, I was thinking they want something with even noise in all channels but then it would just be grey - honestly no idea!

This chart is specifically for neat ao not sure a mcbeth would do you any good also the payches are rather small.

before i found out about this I used a greycard slightly defocused.