Flame 2022 is out!

New Flame Day! Aww snap! Looks like it’s slowly making its way out into the wild! And looks like @La_Flame just dropped some brand new Flame 2022 videos a few hours ago!

NDI support!

Blackmagic RAW support!

New AI-powered Camera Tracker!

Here’s the What’s New from the installed software…

@La_Flame new features videos

@tomothyhondrox you’re famous!


god, i hope i’m ready for the burden of fame


I believe in you!


There’s a way to link to your Venmo account in opt/Autodesk/yeahright

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The NDI thing is really cool. I have a two monitor setup, and use the NDI on the second monitor. It’s handy for want a really big picture, for seeing roto blending. But you can click away from it and slack, or email real quick and go back. It’s the next best thing to a floating screen in flame!

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Wow, the new 3d Tracker looks cool! I just installed the new 2022. I am looking forward to test it with my Imac Workstation.
NDI sounds for a perfect fit for the actual situation. Having a live feed to the client that easy sounds really good.
Quick Tip…start with short Clips and HD Resolution, when you play with the new 3D Tracker…Unfortunately, I couldn’t really stop the analysis.

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A liitle easter egg. Like nuke, flame adopt python 3 as well. Fun news for our dear hook developers :open_mouth:

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and wow, centos 8.2 support!!!

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Disappointed to see really only a couple of tiny implementations from feature requests on the feedback forum if I’m honest. :roll_eyes:

Love the new 3d tracker, but the fundamental annoying, unsexy stuff needs some important love too.


Hi Unclextacy,

When I looked at the feedback forum we have delivered the top 3 most user requests in Flame 2022.

Every feature request is equally important but it’s a case of resource and time.

We will continue to strive to do better.

Thanks for letting us know.

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Hey Grant, It’s probably more that a few of the requests we championed and voted on and discussed as a group in the Facebook Logik page over the last year missed out. I think things like an improved relinking workflow and the Autostabalizer are sitting at over 20 (maybe 30?) votes now. (not mentioning vector paint or a new text module of course… :wink: )

I know resources are limited, (I mean no offense btw) and maybe I’m not looking at the feedback forum correctly, but I can’t even see those 2022 implemented requests on the page I can see. :man_shrugging:

Has anyone noticed anything broken?
In 2020 the player was broken, if you needed to play anything longer then 5 minutes then flame would drop frames, very frustrating for longform work. This was fixed in 2020.3.1 but I was using it for 9 months and having to blag clients that there wasn’t an issue was exhausting.
In 2021 animated gmask’s are broken, fine I’ll use tracer instead, and actually enjoy using it now, but still annoying to have the hand forced.
Has anyone noticed anything broken in 2022?

I’m sure you are aware of this but only Flame Feedback and other official Autodesk channels carry genuine weight in development.

Hi @Robg,

I assure you that Autodesk isn’t ignoring this feedback.

We constantly improve our testing and validation processes to minimize the risks of releasing versions with fundamental features broken.

We are confident about the 2022 version and are carefully monitoring customer feedback to react promptly if needed



Is the traditional analyzer mono node removed in flame 2022? I can’t find it anywhere and wanted to see the difference between the new camera tracking and the original.

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Mono Analyzer is the name. Its still there.


They changed the name from Analyzer Mono to Mono Analyzer. When you’re so used to hitting the first letter of a node to go to that it’s certainly damn annoying to have it switched. Crazy Bastards


I was able to test the new camera tracker in 2022 on a shot I worked on just a day before getting 2022 running. It was one of those shots that looked simple enough but proved to be tough to track.

With Flame 2021 Analyzer Mono I wasn’t able to get a satisfactory camera solution. Likewise, Flame’s planar trackers weren’t exactly making my day easier. I wound up doing the shot with a camera track from Syntheyes, which was able to deliver a good track with not a lot of hassle. Just the hassle of exporting to another package, dealing with its… hmmm… “interesting” interface and then exporting that data back to Flame.

With the new 2022 camera tracker, I was able to keep the shot 100% in Flame and cut my dependence on the Syntheyes solution. It was quite nice and I’m excited to hopefully keep more shots like it in Flame and out of Syntheyes.

I’d feel a little dishonest if I didn’t give credit to the speed of Syntheyes, though. It was able to analyze the shot orders of magnitude more quickly than the 2022 camera tracker. I’m sure it’s the motion vectors slowing things down that made the bulk of the difference. That said, I don’t mind waiting a bit for the initial analysis in Flame if it gets a very usable result from the start and only requires minimal finessing to get it dialed in. That’s time I would have spent moving things into and out of Syntheyes anyway so that’s a tradeoff I’m happy to make.



They changed the name from Analyzer Mono to Mono Analyzer. When you’re so used to hitting the first letter of a node to go to that it’s certainly damn annoying to have it switched. Crazy Bastards

This was done on purpose mainly because we want newer users to use Camera Analysis rather than the legacy Analyzers. In previous versions there was Analyzer buttons and Views always available and the nodes were on the left in the node bins making them subject to being looked at first.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we thought it was the best thing to do.


makes sense. id have done the same thing.