New FLAME CAPSULE - Adding motion blur to a static object in Action - Flame 2021.2

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule shows the “old skool” technique of adding motion blur to a static object.

This is done in the Action 3D compositor where you would parent a new axis to an existing object branch with nothing else attached. The important part is to note the direction of the arrow connection between the Axis nodes to ensure it is flowing the right way to apply the motion blur.

Other then that, you can animated your “virtual” axis and add as much motion blur to your object as you like!

Stay safe and enjoy!


It is of note that a similar technique can be used to mitigate motion blur in moving shots.
Track the motion.
Negate the animation channels.
Make the axis a child of an image.
Render and remove the motion blur.

That’s the way it was done in the old school before machine learning techniques rendered human intervention somewhat meaningless.