New FLAME CAPSULE - Exporting a single frame from a sequence - Flame 2021.1

Good day everyone!

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule shows you a great little workflow on how to export a single frame from the sequence.

Very quickly mark up your frame in the sequence and just export between the marks with your preferred format.

Great reminder if you haven’t done this in a while and extra workflow to have in your back pocket.

Stay safe and hope you have a great day!


Solid tip. Thanks for always posting these here! Time to make use of these forums and open up the discussion!

Another very related feature that I only (relatively) recently discovered is Poster Frame. Same idea, different way of doing it. It exports a single frame of your choosing in a single sequence or many sequences. The beauty of this one is if you have to export a large number of stills and you know you either want the first frame or a frame after a set number of handles, you can set that and export them all without setting any in / out points.

The first few times I had to export 100+ stills from shots for spreadsheet creation, it was a very manual process… but never again!

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That’s a great feature, however I cannot make it work with a sequence of shots. It only exports 1 frame. Does it work on all shots in a sequence or do I have to export all shots separately at once.

Great question John. In re-reading that tooltip description, I can see where you’re coming from. I think when I first wrapped my head around how this feature works, I must have jumped to certain conclusions without reading that tooltip, because it seems very clear from it that if you have 10 clips in a single sequence, and you export a poster frame for that sequence it should export 10 poster frames. Either both of us are missing something or that description is incorrectly worded.

The way I’ve used it is by selecting several sequence at a time, and getting a single frame per sequence. In the specific case I mentioned above of having to export single frames for 100 shots, I had taken my Sources / Shots sequence, matched out all 100 shots onto the desktop, selected all of those shots, and THEN selected “Poster Frame” when I went to export.

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That’s what I did and it worked a treat. I might put a feature request in to ADSK to be able to export a poster frame of each clip from a sequence and that way we can label each frame with a token too that refers to the sequence.

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That’s really neat. Another hidden gem.

Perhaps you could choose via a marker?

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies.

My intention of the video was to be able to export a single frame from the sequence. Any chosen frame with the markers to be exact. That was my reasoning for saying “exporting a single frame from a sequence”.

In a lot of the other apps I use, there is always a “save frame” option which saves what you currently see in the viewer and I was essentially finding a Flame equivalent. Hope this clears up any confusion.

If you are after more then that then there is the poster frame option but I need to speak a little more with the designers on how it works.

Please feel free to file the requests via Flame feedback.