Poster Frames not available for sequence publish in 2023.2?

Hi, Is the ‘Poster Frame’ option not available anymore when using the Sequence Publish export?
In the doc / what’s new / 2023.1, I see ‘Poster frame is back’ which scares me. Did I miss something? Was it taken away and brought back, but maybe just for image sequences and not sequence publish?
I’m using saved preset in hooks to export … poster frames, from edits.

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There was a bug at one point :thinking: and it was greyed out.

To be honest when that post popped up was the first time I had heard of the Poster Frame feature. Pretty cool.

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Thanks @PlaceYourBetts, right on!
I’ll read the post.
Although it’s been working fine for us with up to 2022.3 (and we’re switching to 2023.2)

I read it. Weird, our hooks have been working just fine with up to (including) 2022.3, just calling the custom preset we had around. Never had an issue until jumping to 2023.2.

I load a custom preset (working in 2022.3) and just save it (_test1) right away without changing anything:
The 2 following lines have been removed in the new preset:


Something wrong here, right?
Or what am I missing?

@Slabrie and/or @fredwarren, could you shed some light when you get a chance please?

Complete preset (xml) that works in 2022.3:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<preset version="11">
    <comment>Creates a 8-bit Jpeg file per segment. </comment>
        <namePattern>&lt;name&gt;/&lt;segment name&gt;</namePattern>

If I add the 2 lines back to the new preset (_test1) they don’t seem to have any effect. In the UI the option is still greyed out (button clicked and the chosen frame is correct, but everything greyed out) and whole sequences are exported.

Hello Stefan.

We had to block Poster Frame with Sequence Publish due to reported issue. We will let you know when this capability gets back in the application.

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Hello Stephane,
Thanks for following up!

Perhaps a stop gap until Poster Frames is back…

python script to set in/out on all selected

So you have to match out first, but could suffice.

Yeah, temporary marks in/out is a decent workaround. I’m all good but thanks anyway, Kieran.