New FLAME CAPSULE - Viewing the right version everywhere! - Flame 2022.2

Hi Everyone!

Today’s 30 second Flame Capsule shows how you can now see the version of a pattern or open clip whether you are looking at the media as a segment in the sequence, a source clip in Batch and even change versions in the Full Screen Player! This is new from Flame 2022.2.

If you are versioning media in a collaborative workflow, you would use the pattern or open clips to monitor your media versioning within Flame. So even though new files are added to your production folder structure, Flame will notify you of any version updates and you can manage what versions you see inside of Flame.

Being able to tell what version you are looking at is crucial to the workflow whether you’re doing editorial, VFX or grading.

Version numbers are now displayed as part of a clip’s metadata making thing so much easier to track!