New Logik Academy Content for Winter 2023!

Announcing new Logik Academy Content for Winter 2023!

First up is Flame’s Particle System - Part 2 from @Sinan. In this episode:

  • We create a particle stream with a speed of zero but move the emitter on a 3D path to create light streaks and glowing motion graphical elements.
  • In the second sample, we create a school of fish using the ParticleDraw function
  • Keeping with the same idea, we create a flock of birds with flapping wings
  • Then we explode some images into squares that carry the texture away.

Introduction to Matchbox Shaders by @Graziella. Graziella shows the basics of creating your own tools in Flame by writing them as Matchbox Shaders.

What Do 🔥 FLAME ARTISTS 🔥 Do? #shorts - YouTube
Introducing “What Do Flame Artists Do” the first in a series of YouTube shorts content from @AustinCampbell

Huge thank you to Autodesk for sponsoring Logik Academy!


wow - just watched @Sinan Particle System Lessons - brilliant stuff!
I never realised the particles in Flame were so flexible.

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