No colour space selection during project creation


I am wondering why Flame does not ask you to select a Colour Space during creation of a new project…

Could it be that it’s possible to work/import footage from different colour spaces in one/1 project?

Yes you can import different color space files into the same project.

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You can work with any Color Space within a project so there’s not really a set space. At project creation there is “Colour Policy” which is a set of rules for viewing and transforming. You can see these rules and make your own under Preferences > Colour Mgmt


Interesting… Does that mean it’s possible to import ACES footage in a existing project (8Bit) which - to my knowledge - requires a 16 Bit Float Timeline?


The Resolution settings when you create a new project are just the ‘default’ values. For instance if you create a color source it will have these default values until you change them. So your ACES footage will be whatever source resolution it is.

The one thing to watch out for is the Cache and Renders section of the project creation. This is the file type that will be rendered and cached. If you are working with 16fp or 32fp flame will render whatever you have set here. Although I don’t think it will even let you use a format that doesn’t maintain the data.

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