Nuke vs Flame cost

Is this really true that Nuke is double the price of flame these days?

Nuke is a larger one-time fee, with a much smaller yearly maintenance fee. Flame is around 3x the yearly maintenance, no one-time fee.


Nuke works great on a cheap 1k Windows machine. For Flame you need much more.

Does everybody have to pay such high one off costs for nuke x? Or can you negotiate deals?

Hi John,

If you just google the pricing for both products, this is what you can get today…. In pounds for you and me :relaxed:

NUKE X – £2749 per quarter (3 month license). There is Nuke Indie but there are restrictions for that.

Flame - £3708 per year

Hope this helps!


pretty amazing this is the cost of these products now. Used to be in the high 6 figures. Not complaining mind you but very interesting journey.


And because of this, I was surprised to see NukeX with the higher one off price.

you can get deals, depends who you ask and how :smiley:

There is also a penalty if you dont pay maintenance… (again you should negotiate) But at least you can keep old nuke versions and just use them for … years for no additional cost .

Nuke Rental costs are crazy.

I am not Nuke expert. Couple weeks back I tried keen tools on Nuke (windows) and totally freaked out with the speed of the scanline renderer. On a Ryzen 5950 with a 980ti. I have flame on the same machine and it works fine

Freaked out in a bad way?

By the way all, I just wanted to remove some tricky distortion. Fusion did a grand job for £250!@

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It takes about three years to break even between flame and nuke. The killer for nuke is the annual maintenance costs. NukeX maintenance is $1800/yr. You can’t upgrade if you’re not on maintenance. If you come off maintenance and later want it reactivated you can be liable for the missed periods plus a reactivation fee. That fee can be upwards of 20%.

Yeah I fell into this trap. Got a Nuke Studio license a while back (v11) . Fell out of maintenance - then realized that I couldn’t work with newer arri raw formats until I upgraded. Also a bunch of bugs that got fixed that I would just have to live with forever.
Tried to get back onto maintenance and would have costed the same as a new license pretty much.
Ironic that lot of people down here slowly realizing that it’s more economical to go the Flame route if you want to keep current. (in the short to mid term anyway)
Quite the swing in mentality.

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Super interesting that The foundry charges you a penalty essentially for not keeping up maintenance. Quite rude really. In the end though it shouldnt matter as long as our costs are being passed along to our clients. its like 7 to 8 dollars extra a day. that you should be charging for that nuke maintenance alone.