Foundry maintenance

After December 31, 2023, it will not be possible to bring any licenses with expired maintenance back onto active maintenance — so if you want to bring any lapsed licenses back up to date, please contact us before the end of the year."

From Foundry.


everything is going to the Named User/subscription horrid model of licensing.

I’m sure it has made things more complicated for some shops. But it also has simplified things for others. I wouldn’t describe it as horrid, or at least not universally.

As a small shop with one Flame license at the moment, I find the flexibility of being able to use it on my main machine for big jobs, a quick and dirty test on my Mac, or even on the road on my laptop quite useful. And it remembers my login. It has made licensing more or less completely seamless for me.

And Nuke works the same way now. If the system that used to run flexlm is powered off for whatever reason, it still works on the other systems.

I can see where sharing a license between multiple users has become a lot more expensive, as it’s now per user, not per machine - unless you give a machine an email address. That should somehow be accounted for in the pricing, though it seems the pricing is headed in the opposite direction unfortunately.

I dont hate the foundry cloud server for licenses.

they still have team licenses not named, so yea you just add users to your team and its like floating so its pretty much the same more or less (dont know how this integrates with stuff like AD) bur users can borrow licenses and all iind of fancy stuff, I like it not having to worry about RLM servers and all that crap.


the problem is that they just increased their prices by a lot, over a span of 5 years even if you pay maintenance for example for nuke studio it was 10K upfront + 1500/year

now its 5000/ Year…

so 5 years NukeStudio before = 17500

Now = 25000

increase this to 10 years…

Before = 25000
now= 50000

Thats a ludacris price hike imho.

they also dont offer monthly or weekly subscriptions only quaterly rentals that are stupid priced

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Agreed. That was a big jump that is hard to justify without something specific to show for.

I’m on one of the old ‘legacy’ licenses as they call it now. You always have to dig for the downloads, because the license isn’t listed in any of the regular places in the account management. Makes you wonder how long they’ll continue those.

But right now I have the best of both worlds with Foundry - I have the old pricing but a named license to login with… They just emailed me about the annual renewal. It’s $2,559 for me (for Nuke Studio).

oh so that was euro prices maybe? I rhink it used to 1500 and rhen reaised to like 1900/year for nuke studio.

well the thing is once you are off maintenance you are done and have to switch to subscription, ihave a private NukeStudio lic thats about to expire maintenance on and I cant sell the license to my studio or do anything with it and as I am not freelancer anymore.

So … its sad but at least i have a nuke 14 license forever :slight_smile:

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