O/t: hands-on Lighting courses (UK)

I know its off subject somewhat, but is anyone aware of any practical / hands-on studio lighting courses in the UK?

i’d like to polish up my skills and also have someone in the know explain lighting concepts to my colleague, in a more understandable way than my incoherent trial and error mumblings.

There a lots and lots of tutorials on Youtube about these matters.

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Is this for photo? CG or MatePainting?

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I read this as hands-on, i.e. in person?

Rather than a course, I’d ask around for a DP or gaffer that is willing to spend a day with you. They usually don’t mind playing with lights or trying something out that has been on their list. Maybe entice them with renting a piece of gear they always wanted to try.

The CRLS light bridge has been one of these many have their eyes on. Fantastic piece of gear that can change the way you light.

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Thanks Julioleon…i want hands on, sick of online stuff! I am looking for some practical lighting techniques for shooting real sets with real people and product.

I was thinking of doing just what Allklier suggested and getting in touch with dp’s. Makes senseto go direct to the experts.

I’d seen that light bridge a ehile back but forgot all about it…will have to check it out.

Thanks chaps!


I am very bad with YouTube tutorials myself!

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i find i fall asleep with most of them…droning dull voiceovers seem to be the main culprit !