Object Tracking with Camera Analysis - Tutorial


That was excellent!! Thank you!!

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Wow! Great one!

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nice… Thanks @alperoktay :clap: :clap:

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Awesome @alperoktay. Looking forward to the modeling tut…

You can however combine and/or exclude gmasks when doing a planar track with Inclusive and Exclusive selections. Make sure the masks you want to include are children of the main track axis and the gmasks you want to be excluded are separate.

Pressing snap and looking the F8 - object view will show you what the tracker takes into consideration.

This works for the gmask tracer. As we all know, action and gmask tracer have an inverted approach to masking. So if you’re working in action, various invert/add/subtract buttons might be needed.


I like your use case tutorials @alperoktay. Cheers by the way.

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Nice auto as usual. Would love to have an in depth texturing tutorial. Your label render looks so great!!!


wow…another great demo. Thanks Alper.

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Awesome demo - love your work Alper

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Astounding! Thanks @alperoktay

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Thanks for this @alperoktay - I’ve had situations where I’d like to do this - particularly with a moving camera - would you happen to know how to object track like this with a moving camera?

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It would be the same. What makes it unsuccessful is motion-blur and reflections. I tried it with a different scenario with moving camera. If the tracker does not fail because of poor image conditions, it will calculate the camera. You might say every shot have those kind of problems. In my opinion this technique is useful with closeup images like demo shots.

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This was so helpful today! Couldn’t track elements on a car dashboard by any means (anamorphic pan). This worked first go. I was aware of object tracking but never thought to apply the analyser this way, in fact I had all but given up on it as a useful tool.

Thanks @alperoktay for the demo!


You are welcome