Tracking GMask

It’s a pervasive problem for me. I’m working in Image node, I create a mask, and need to track it.
I do the track and the mask is now offset from my original position. Thinking adjust offset my work, I click the button. No Love.
I know there’s a way to have it automatically end up in the right position but never would I ever (yes I said never) want it to offset from where i created it.
Am I doing something wrong or has this always been hated by everyone. I’m thinking the later.

I hate it also. For me. it’s not just gmask, but for any axis track. I hate the way it zero’s out the position and creates an offset with centre. I don’t like my data manipulated that way. And I really hate how stabilizing converts the data to the image offsets. Call me old fashioned, but I like to do my own math.


It’s a lame workflow. You hit adjust offset before tracking if memory serves. Then turn it off after tracking.

I tend to track first and then add a gmask after so I rarely run into it anymore which is why my memory is a little hazy.

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I’ll have to try either of those. Doesn’t make sense the way it is now.

Whenever I’m going to track using an axis I always, always add a new one, track it first without connecting. When the track is done I can click adjust offset, parent it to the axis+gmask and be done with.

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Totally get it. But it does seem bass ackwards from a usage standpoint. Will try it out.

Similar to Sinan I always add another axis upstream, track in that one, and then ‘Adjust Offset’ when exiting the tracker to zero it out (you will wind up parked on the same frame you entered the tracker parked on, which becomes “home.”) You can do this after you draw the gmask.

That way if your track turns out to be a bit crap, it’s easy enough to just trash that axis and try again. Your original GMask axis won’t get messed up, just remember what frame you originally drew it on, return to it, pop in a new axis above, and track again…

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This is one of those occasions where I wish we had a more robust and efficient expressions/link dialogue. On occasion I have added an axis downstream of my tracked axis with an eval expression eval(-tracked_axis_parameter,) so that when I go back and refine my tracking, including a fresh start, it always re-aligns my image/mask. I would use it much more if I had a more efficient way of entering it, and a simple way of changing my default frame.
I really liked the direction @FlameTrinity was taking tracking: collect the data then disperse as needed in the form that was required. The adjust offset operation is older than the particles node (which, by the way, calls the text node “grandpa.”)
@Slabrie @fredwarren Here’s a piece of the application that could use some love. As it is, it works, but it could be so much better.