Good evening Logik!

Been dumped some lovely stabilizations. One in particular is a pan up to the sky that they want to look like one nice tilt up. The camera is very jittery and even stops at one point.

Any tips are much appreciated as nothing i do seems to work?

The client is using the word steadyglide alot. I presume that’s an Avid effect?

The only way I can think of changing the path and timing of a camera tilt is to do a camera track and then project the picture onto geo and re-shoot it with a new smoother camera

If you have another shot that can be a 2d stab, someone once showed me a trick on an ocean and sky shot where it was hard to track any features at all - they painted a vertical line down the middle of the frame and tracked where it intersected the horizon. Not sure if that could help you in this case but it’s a handy trick.


Is there any movement in the shot besides the camera tilt that would be effected by changing speed?

Is it just a nodal pan with no parallax?

If so and all else fails you could paint up an oversized still frame and recreate the pan as smooth as you like.


I’ve had luck timewarping to 200% or so to cut out half the frames (or perhaps just deleting the most offensive frames)…stabilizing that and then timewarping back to target length. (perhaps the new ML timewarp will get you there nicely) Of course…this could be problematic if there’s sound sync issues.

If the shot commiserate to it you could actually do this with Motion vectors.
Have/hold frame where your pan starts then one where it ends. Maybe put one or two in-between.
On these frames is where you make the keyframes for the motion vectors.
The whole pan will be new frames basically, sounds crazy but it can work at times.

It’ll either work like magic with “maybe” some very minor cleanup.
OR, it won’t work for the shot.

I did this on a whim(not too long after motion vectors became a thing),on a panning down with top bun being laid down on a Chik—f— sandwich spot, They wanted to smooth out the shakes in the shaky hand bun lay down among other things.
It really did work like magic and saved god nows how many hours rebuilding a stupid bun set down, lol

One point stabilise to lock it in one place and then a fake move on top of that, maybe?

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Have you tried AutoStabilize node in batch. It works wonders when it works. Also there was a video explaining how you can:

  1. Motion warp track a video
  2. Use the track to warp a grid/checker pattern
  3. Camera track the warped video
  4. Stabilize it by smoothing out the camera animation.
    Couldn’t find the link, apologies…

Thanks for the feedback. It’s a really horrible one so will try and figure out using some suggestions. Might have to be a Complete rebuild of the scene.

Interesting, i haven’t seen that video. It’s not the Joel osis one is it about data moshing?

Yes. Data moshing. That one. Maybe it can be applied here.

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I’m so jealous of Avid’s “VFX fixes for dummies” tools. Steady Glide, Morph Cut. Would love to have them in Flame.

I think the real problem with these tools is, while they are acceptable during offline, the clients demand perfect outcomes from us. They wouldn’t buy the same thing if we had the same tool, because what we do will be scrutinized to the smallest detail…

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true, but considering we have to build them by hand now, I’d gladly take something that gets it somewhat right with near-zero setup.

Imagine if Flame didn’t have motion estimation timewarps. I know the flame ones are rarely the best solution, but at least you have something to work with, and sometimes they’re fine.

Yes. Still very embarrassing to spend 2 days on something that took 10 minutes in avid and sometimes not being better…

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A fair amount of my time is spent correcting the half-a$$ tools used in AVID.

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