Opening a Timeline on another mac?

embarrasingly newbie question alert…

how do i open a timeline created on Flame Assist (and still on that FA) from my own Flame?

never needed to do this before now, and havent a clue where to begin! Tried looking at the Flame Help, but nothing looks like it hints at this.

any clues would be gratefully received

It depends on how they are connected, which I am not an expert at, but the first thing I would try would be to change the blue pop-up on the application’s start page under Host Computer. If the machine exists there, you can just run it like it was your local machine. If they are connected via wiretap, you should be able to copy it to your local machine. Or hit it with a hammer (figuratively) and archive to a drive then unarchive on your machine.

Hi Adam,

So you want to open a timeline that sits on another machine? (Flame Assist, Flare or Flame).

Secondly, it is advisable that your machine and the other machine are on the same version of Flame products.

If the answer is yes to both and they can see each other on the network then you have two options.

You can copy the timeline across via wire (network transfer). This copies cached media to your local system and you do this by going to the MediaHub, choosing the Project options (instead of Files). You should see the networked machine and you should be able to browse its projects. Open the projects, locate the sequence clip and drag and drop into your media panel to copy it locally. The benefit is you have your own copy and if the network went down, you could still work. The downside is you are duplicating media and the time taken to copy the media.

The second option is logging directly into the project on the remote machine. This requires enough bandwidth between the machines for performance but it can work for certain jobs. Starting at the Flame Start Up screen, you can set a host. Normally it is the local host which is your machine, but if you pull the menu down, you can select the remote machine as the host. If this connection is successful, the remote machines projects will be available in the projects pull down menu. Choose the project you want to access. Next is the workspace. Each project on a local machine is created with its own workspace that contains the desktop and Libraries. When you log remotely into another machine, Flame can create another workspace within the project for the purpose of working in the same project but without disturbing each other. EG: Project A could have a workspace for Flame and a workspace for Flame Assist. However, instead of creating a new workspace, you can log into an existing one. So if you logging into the project with your Flame, you would choose the Flame Assist workspace and start the project. Note that two systems cannot access the same workspace at the same time, so ensure they are not logged into this project (on the same workspace). When Flame launches, you will see everything they have done. You can work on the original timeline which is on their machine and no copying takes place. Even renders will be processed on the remote storage with the remote project. Once you are done, you can exit the project and it will still be on the remote workstation. The only downsides are performance and if the network connection is broken or the remote machine is rebooted, you will loose your connection via Flame.

The third option would be archiving but I can tell that is not what you want.



thanks both for the quick replies.

I think the main problem i’m having might be to do with IP/Hostnames. I did more reading and digging and found that i needed to use Shared libraries, but when i tried kept getting an error saying the S+W server was refusing connection and to check the server via Service Monitor - which i did and it appears to be ok.
I’m not sure how to change this setting, or on which machine it needs changing.

However, as we are not on the same version of Flame then i’m probably just going to hand the files back to Luke and let him complete the job! a whole lot easier!

thanks again

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Hey Adam,

If you go to the service monitor and stop/start the Components (Usually I do all except the Multi-purpose daemon), it usually fixes that issue for me between a flame and a flame assist media transfer.

Thanks Pete, i’ll give that a go tomorrow!

No worries. For whatever reason, it always seemed to work for me. Good luck!