Original video on Fluid Morphs?

Howdy. I’m looking for the original walkthrough vid on fluid morphs in Batch. I found a follow up video showing fixes, and a vid about a single frame fix, but not the original. Any idea where?

Gimmee a moment . . . I must have it somewhere, although the update on the portal is much better

Thanks Tim. I downloaded the newer version, just haven’t found the old video.

The old video goes with the original version. The version on the portal has a new tut.

Fluid Morph for Flame - 2022 on Vimeo is for the fluid morph 2022 on the portal.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XuAVzeYQSw is for the original

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I wish we could put links to the tutorials in the portal

Thanks Tim!

I also have one that I never released that takes into account the start frame, although I never published it. I always start my batches on frame 1.

Hey Tim, how do I know which version of fluid morph I have installed?
Also, I don’t see any version in my logik portal.

If it looks like this, you have v.2022, which is the latest.

You should be looking in the portal under the Batch Setups tab:

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Just wondering, there are now 2 options for for fluid morph, Tims setup and the ml timewarp. Are there any benefits to one over the other?

ML gives a better result for many situations, particularly when the lineup of the two shots is a bit wonky. The fluid morph replicates the results you get from avid and can fit into both a timeline and batch workflow and you can quickly make adjustments to the start, end and duration, choose whether you want the incoming or outgoing to freeze and facilitates the motion analysis resolutions and motion blur you get from the standard timewarp.

Thanks Tim, The shots are always at best a bit wonky.

I always reach for my fluid morpher first, but if it doesn’t look good, I move on. I often find that if I move the start and duration around I can get some decent results. In batch you can do some stabilizing and repoing ahead of the morph and that can get you a better result as well.

@ytf Any thoughts on revising your FluidMorph setup to take advantage of the newly known startframe expression?

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This should work:
FluidMorph_2024.zip (96.8 KB)


Thanks Tim.

I have uploaded FluidMorph 2024 to the portal


Tim - First, thank you. I’ve used FluidMorph in the past and it has been very helpful. Unfortunately, I cannot get the 2024 version to work in Flame2024.2. I’m hoping you or someone can give me some insight in what I’m doing wrong. In the attached image, I have an incoming and outgoing clip with a 4 frame transition. The result (F4) frame on the right should show the outgoing image but it does not. Stepping thru the timeline shows no changes. I was thinking it was the start frame and tried 588 and 1 with no joy. Any ideas? Thanks.

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I think it might have some issues. It wasn’t thoroughly road tested.