Overlaying GFX onto Substance PBRs?

can anyone point me to a tutorial that explains (if its possible) how to overlay a graphic onto a substance pbr material?

I don’t want to cover the 3d model - just overlay a logo onto a small part of a model and be able to adjust its position.


Hi Adam,

Why don’t you project the logo onto the model with a projector. That might be easier then trying to combine it with the substance PBR.

If the 3D object is moving in 3D space, you can use the Motion tracking to lock the logo to the model. Or you could parent the model and projector to a new axis and control it from there.

Hope this helps!


Hi Grant - would that entail a camera/projector for each face of the model, all linked so they are locked in place around the model?

ok - will give that a try!
thank you

Thats perfect!!

exactly the effect i was looking for…thanks again, Grant