Paint less stable with non-standard resolutions?

Have a project at 3840x2654 (1.447). Monterey, Flame 2023.1

I’ve had an enormous amount of crashes, and I think it all points to paint nodes. And if they don’t outright crash on render, they sometimes change from reveal to rec clone or similar till I restart. I’ve done the usual solves of freeze framing paint, pre-comping paint, and gotten around it somewhat.

Is this likely? Or is this project just cursed?


I paint on all sorts of different and unusual resolutions with no issues, on a routine basis.

2023.1 has known paint problems, fixed in 2023.1.1 and 2023.2.

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Even with those fixes, Paint still has number bugs. But yes, the newer the version the better.

Have you sent the CER reports when the window came up?