Paint node crashes during render

When I have a paint node, Flame crashes on render, I have to render 4 frames, abort, save, reboot and repeat. I am not using MK only paint.

What if you try putting a mux before and after the paint node. I’ve had weird things happen with paint and that generally fixes it for some reason.

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report it to support. It is the only way.

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Disconnecting and reconnecting the paint node a lot of times will fix it.


how extensive is the paint node? pre rendering what is before it might help

Pretty extensive paint work, will try that, thanks

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I did put one before, will add one after too and see what happens, thanks

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Ive been burnt in the past with corrupt paint brushes when ive done big paint jobs in one node. so pre rendering sometimes when u are happy with a section can be worth it

Pre-render is always good. This once happened to me where my user got corrupted and a paint node was freaking out. Created a new user and the paint node was fine after. Maybe worth a shot too if you haven’t already found a fix.