Batch Paint crash nearly all the time?

Drag out Paint node in Batch and start regular paint job, such as recursive clone, reveal, smear etc from frame to frame and result looked fine on each frame while painting. But when hit render button, the result looked like each stokes has been “offset”. Sometimes relink the Paint node or restart the application helps, sometimes just need to redo all over again. However redo all doesn’t guarantee the same issue won’t happen again. Sometimes it’s seems okay today but happen in next day when revisiting the same batch setup…

This problem happen nearly in every project when involved Paint node. Not every time but sure it will occur randomly in some batch setup. Very annoy, unaccountable and time-wasting. Any suggestion will be very appreciated!!

Flame 2022.3 on MacPro(2019) 12.4

Jeff Chin

Have you sent the Reports from the Crash Error Reporting window that appears when the applications crashes? If not please do so.

Hmm. Sounds frustrating. I haven’t seen crashing Paint nodes in a long time. The last one I knew about was something something something about Modular Keyer nodes. You’re not using any MK nodes in these setups, are ya?

And you’ve tried the usual new Flame user ?

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Hey, Randy:

You caught me. Yes sometimes I still using MK node as mini batch for simplifying the batch tree. But the Paint node crash phenomenon (only the node not the batch set-up) happens in either Batch or MK…When drawing all strokes seems normal. After done and advance to next frame then back to previous, all strokes like offseted or messed up. Sometimes restart a new Paint node can fix. Sometimes need to restart the application or reboot the system…it still occur from time to time, for example, today…

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Look at the prefs tab in Batch Paint, I’m guessing the resolution is set different than you input plate. This is why the current Batch Paint is garbage.