Painting straight lines

Hi, I don’t use paint a lot but I seem to remember that it’s possible to draw lines and have it snap to a grid. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make it work.

I’ve switched on the snap to grid global setting in the grid menu but nothing changes.

Thanks in advance if you can help.

Try shift drag

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sorry no cigar

I remember doing this in desktop paint. I remover it feeling very clicky and bumpy as it stuck to intersections of lines on grid.

So I usually just use the line option in batch paint as @digitalbanshee suggests. I seldom use desktop paint. But when I do, I welcome her like an old friend.

Shift-Click to constrain the movement on the X or Y axis works in the Batch Paint Freeform mode.

Thanks for the feedback so far but I think I remember that I could be in line mode and the cursor would snap to the intersections of a grid

You can do so in the classic Desktop Pain. Under Grid (to the right) you have to enable pixel grid, and choose 'Snap to grid. It’s a bit buggy though.

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I knew I had done it before and it looks like it only works in Desktop paint.

I wonder if its a bug or if the feature just never made it into batchpaint. @fredwarren ??
Thanks for sharing

I guess this has simply never been implemented in Batch Paint. Please submit a General Improvement request for it at

hello guys!
Painting straight lines in Batch-Paint-Node works in flame Version2021.2 …
I´ll make an video!

Thanks @stephan but my original question is how to snap to a grid while painting lines.