Drawing a line with an arrow


would like draw/paint a line with an arrow in order to direct the attention of the people to
a certain region of a frame/clip.

Therefore I went to “Tools” → “Paint” and tried to paint directly on my clip, but that’s not working.
Instead a black frame is added to the same Reel and on that I can paint…

What’s the secret in order to be able to paint directly on the clip/frame?

Thank you!

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By default, Desktop Paint is set to “None.” As in, its a Black canvas. Not in front of the machine right now, but, when you tap on Desktop paint in the Tools menu, look for a blue pulldown menu that is likely currently set to “None.” Make it say…oh gosh…its been a long time…“Front?” Or some combination of “Front/Back” which will make the Paint module load the clip as a “Canvas.”

@randy Paint is not set to None by default. It is set to Front but you can activate None by clicking on the Paint button a second time. Once you have made a selection that selection is persisted so if you had previously selected None in your session it will still be selected the next time you select Paint.

@joe99 You should be able to paint on a clip doing:

  1. Go to the Tools tab
  2. Select the Paint tool by clicking on it once >>> The cursor should now be a red cross. If it is not, select Front instead of None in the blue drop down button inside the section on the right side of the UI.
  3. Click on the clip you want to paint on >>> The cursor should now be a white cross
  4. Select a destination in the Desktop Reels >>> You are now inside the paint module
  5. Paint the arrow on your clip
  6. Press the EXIT button

Thank you! It does work, but needs some finetuning :slight_smile:

In the Sequences Reel there is now a copy of the clip (in collapsed view): If it is not selected, with a blue border. No idea why…

This way the line/arrow in “only” painted to a single frame. How would you apply the painted line/arrow to e.g. from frame 20 - 40 of the segment? If possible, but not totally important, with a Dissove.


– The blue outline around a clip in the Reels/Freeform view indicates the last clip that was added to a Reel Group.

– It is possible to have the arrow painted on every frame but it is slightly more complicated

  1. Go in Paint
  2. Select the AutoPaint submenu instead of Canvas on the left
  3. Paint the arrow (make sure to paint on the first frame)
  4. Switch from Record to Play in the Options section >>> a second timebar will appear in the middle of the screen.
  5. Change the duration of the new timebar (the one at the bottom) to 1 frame
  6. Click on the Render button (below the EXIT button)
  7. EXIT

Thank’s! Do you mean this way, 1 to 1 (on the second/new timebar) ?

Yes. Hitting the Render button on the left side should create a new clip on your Desktop with the arrow painted on all frames.


BTW: Happy Cake day @randy

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Ok it does work now:) Thank’s for the help! Is it this way possible as well to:

  • to apply the line/stroke e.g. from frame 20 - 50


  • to apply line/stroke 1 from frame 20 - 50 and line/stroke 2(other design) from frame 80 to 120?


For the Batch environment there is a good tutorial “Batch Paint - Part2.mp4” (Edit the paint stroke duration), but I don’t feel ready for Batch…