Perspective lines matchbox

Hi all

Does anyone remember the name of that matchbox which has the perspective lines you can move around? I I can’t recall the name of it

I don’t remember in the matchbox, but I know that there is a perspective grid in the action node…

Is this what it is? :melting_face:

Hey John, I think maybe you’re thinking of md_perspectivelines. Unfortunately I think as you know, Mark Donney sadly passed away and I’m of the belief that these shaders are unavailable to purchase now. But I’m not sure.

Thanks for the reminder. I thought it was Mark’s.

If you don’t have Mark’s you could also try y grid, and use that in 3D space in Action.

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Many thanks.

There is an action setup that someone uploaded doing that. I don’t remember… I have it saved in my custom node tab, I don’t remember where it came from. It’s made by expressions. Very clever. I’ll upload as soon as possible.

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you can also make a line in the gmask and use replica to spin it. That’s my goto.

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i have not seen the matchbox shader but i’ve always used the perspective grid set to ‘2D’ and locking the camera. what else do you need?

The matchbox is handy to look at things in context. Specifically I used it as a guide for fixing a matte painting comp when I originally posted this. Other solutions are great but for speed, I used the matchbox.

if you feed your shot into the bg input of an action node you can see in context just fine. maybe i’m misunderstanding the issue?


I think what John is talking about is being able to work on a plate downstream, while feeding it into the matchbox upstream, and see the perspective lines using context?.. Just making the action the context doesn’t display the grid…Unless I’m also misunderstanding it as well!

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ah i see. that is correct - it is not visible in context and no way to render as an output to overlay downstream.

Perspective checker: (70,9 KB)

Saved as an archive and an action, with 2023.3 (I recently updated flame)

… and , btw, sorry by the thread bump. It was accidental. Forum showed me the thread like a recent thread. Anyway, I hope be useful.


You could parent those perspective grids to just generic grid surfaces that are white over black and screen those over as your check lines?

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Nice to see someone using this! I put it on FG a while ago, but all the clever bits were from Vico’s PCR setup.