Particles Functions

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Mostly a reply to @AndyG but also for all you in future who might be experimenting. Here are some particle functions I got from Autodesk trainers in the past. There are lots of text files in the zip with function ideas that may be of use to the community at large. (12.5 KB)


@Sinan : Thought on you because of your nice YouTube’s.

Yes, these were published on years ago. I had customized some of the turbulence functions to be more parametric. I guess it’s time that I do another round of particle tutorials. Here are some ideas:

  • Confetti
  • School of fish
  • Flock of birds :sunglasses:

Now taking ideas for tutorial series…


So heres one; some dust falling. Scenario, drawing chalk on a board, small flutters of dust fall as the chalk draws on the board. Need gravity, turbulence, animating stop and start of the particles generation, animating size of particles. (This was my experimenting today you see)

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  • Rain

  • Snow

  • Moving Fog

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Steam for food and drink.


I’ve got a kinda confetti-like one somewhere.


Oh please oh please put these on the Logik Portal!

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