Particle setups

Here are a couple of simple action setups that you should be able to load on 2021 and later. Please try them on previous versions if you have them installed. I saved them not as bfx but simple .action (and .p just to show the preview)

I use a spotlight as the emitter, rotate, and then spin the square particles. The colors come from the color variation parameter. I use a turbulence function to slow them down and move in an organic way. The gravity manipulator is there to pull them down.
The second setup is just the same but without the gravity manipulator. I added the gravity into the turbulence function.

I hope to add more like these. Play around with it, and as always any feedback or questions are welcome. (28.3 KB) (28.1 KB)


And here’s another confetti setup with particles just falling down generated from a surface. Try with shading on/off, blooming on/off, particle type as external node/squares… (71.0 KB)


Can you upload these to the logik portal?

OK. Trying to work it out…

Hopefully done. Though this will be a batch setup and won’t be available for previous versions. Whereas the .action file can sometimes be opened by older ones.

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There is now a fairy dust particle setup in the Logik Portal…


@randy do the particle setups live at Logik Portal Github as well or only via the download script? some of us cannot download things like that at the office… TIA

yo @timc! I think its time we start discussing a solve for the larger studios. I was talking to @daveoy the other day about this. Do you have any fellow sysdamins you can send here? Ill create a thread, we’ll tag some Technicolor peeps, the @MikeV, and figure out a solve?

(yes, github)

I’ve created a new repository on github that will mirror all the batch setups uploaded to the Logik Portal.


@MikeV Awesome!!! thanks so much!

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This is incredible. Is there any way I can rename my fairy_dust setup?
I wanted to group all my particle setups with a naming convention, having “Particle_” as the first word in the setup. I was in a haste when uploading fairy_dust.

Again, incredible work. Thank you!


No worries. Just changed it.


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Thanks for sharing Sinan.
Couple weeks ago i made a setup for my Ofow entry but i didn’t use it. (91.0 KB)


@AntonisNtelis ! amazing! love this setup! can you upload this to the Logik Portal?

Thanks @randy , if i only knew how…
I guess the how to must be here in the forum. I try to dig it up

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Do you have the Logik Portal installed on your machine? Stand by…Im whipping up a quick tutorial.

that would be great. thanks

Love it. Especially your use of recursive ops to create the trails…

For this kind of colorful stuff, try outputting motion vector pass from action, use pixelspread in vector_warp mode to create trails and smooth it out with moblur node using the vector pass from action.


I will surely try that. Thanks Sinan.
I think my 16 inch mbp will die trying …


@AntonisNtelis here’s a quick run through of how to upload Batches to the Portal.