Perspective grid offset?

Is there a way to offset drift on a perspective grid track? Like in mocha where you animate the points after the track?

I generally leave the grid well alone. Any readjustments tend to make a real mess of my track.

You can modify the grid by attaching an axis above. If my perspective grid is less than perfect I will occasionally use it to stabilise the footage and then correct the shift using other methods like an extended bicubic.

Resolution loss can often be a problem so I use my axis above the perspective grid stabilise to ensure I get the best resolution options.

Before continuing I make sure I can put the move back on. I have wasted hours before realising I can’t invert the stabilise. Very frustrating.


I usually add a second action to stabilize the stabilize.


Or….work it out in a second, third or fourth action then copy and paste all the axes into the first action so you only get one hit of anti aliasing.


good idea, thank you!

Is there a way to move all the grid points at once, to do a manual track in a way.

You might be able to y translate in the curves. Haven’t done it. I have deleted key frames, moved the grid to where I want it to be and continued the track.


I have a clean up thats a nightmare to track and i want to stabilize it first as it will make my life so much easier.

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