Photoshop brushes to flame

anyone load photoshop brushes into flame , I need a few new fancy brushes that are in .abr format but converting them to flames is a bit of a mystery

Current method I’ve found to alter brushes outside of desktop paint’s “alter brush” function:

Go to /opt/Autodesk/user//paint/brush/ and copy one of the .brush files you don’t use to some other less locked down location.

rename it to a .sgi file

import it into batch and mess it up/change it/whatever and export it back out as a .sgi.

rename it to a .brush file and put it back in your user.

When I tried this it did not replace the brush in desktop paint, but it did seem to add it in Batch Paint (while still not replacing the original?)


its so strange I feel like I am having deja vu but I can’t import an sgi into photoshop on mac but when I do and try and reimport the brush and stroke I made back into flame I get a "bad magic number (0) in brush error which sounds super fun since its magic.

The brushes in flame are .dve files. In my experience I have only created them using the desktop paint tool. Basically this takes an 8 bit monochrome snapshot of the brush. Not sure how brushes work in photoshop but in procreate there’s a shape, grain and then loads of sliders to alter flow. Flame doesn’t have that. It’s got an older affair with jitter and pressure. Don’t know if that helps. Summary if you can create a monochrome snapshot then you have a brush. It’s not vector.

Secondary note here - the 8 bit nature of the brushes in flame means there’s not a lot of detail you can have in them. I was trying to emulate chalk yesterday. I tried a bunch but couldn’t do better than Procreate. The jitter, direction and rate can’t really replicate all the flow controls you get in procreate (quite possibly photoshop too).

I would love to be proved wrong.

Yea its one of those small things I wish they would improve with paint when they have time to revisit it, seems like with the thousands of photoshop brushes out there it would be awesome if we could just import those, I realize that they probably have a lot more info in the files than what flame needs but they could just load what is needed and delete the rest of the file info. I submitted a request but I seriously doubt it will get many upvotes since its pretty trivial and often not a used feature.

I only use the first 3 brush presets in paint in combination with recursive clone and drag. I would love if someone can show a case where they had to use some of the other brushes. Back to topic. I never used photoshop custom brushes in flame, but last year I created a custom brush to paint some snow in a shot. I used the method from this video.

In this video Grant creates a own custom brush, but you can also load in a image and grab part
of that image to convert to a brush.
Doubleclick on an existing brush in the desktop paint, this will open it’s brush editing settings.
Now you can press ‘grab’ and draw a selection in your image. Now press update, and your brush has the shape of the are you ‘grabbed’!

See the video for explanation how to save the brushes for use in Batch Paint and more…

So custom brushes: Not a very sexy example but I made my own brushes to paint this spray on. From memory the real spray was disappointing in comparison. And used them to paint the rings. I’ve also made cloud brushes fairly regularly.


thanks for the video, yea its very easy to create brushes but if you google photoshop brushes they literally have thousands. I don’t often need to do it, but I had a job that wanted paint brush strokes and instead of trying to recreate it just dawned on me that it would be nice to have the capability to load from the library instead of reinventing the wheel or brush in this case. I just hope when they circle back with paint because it needs lots of fixing that they either have more brushes or open up the capability to be able to use the widely available libraries.

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thanks for the video! I made my first custom brush today! whoot woods

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