Portal Setups

I have added 3 batch setups in Logik Portal today.

The Bilinear_4Plus4 is for eye tracking screens frame by frame (smrtphones,tvs,etc), where Perspctv Grid and other methods fail.
-The inner 4 axes are for partially tracking ,each corner of the Billinear Surface, if you have something to track on.
-The outer axes are for frame/frame offsetting.

  • Lastly the offScreen axis is self explanatory .
    is my no1 batch for years now where manual tracking must be done.

The 3DFlag is a baked alembic file with replaceable texture. is 250 fr long and 25 fps. It is not advisable to
alter the fps due to brebaked vertex positions (i think), or will have dup frames or animation issues.

The inferno-op is just for fun.

I hope you like them.


Ha ha! Love the Inferno_op :heart_eyes:


I made it 6-7 years ago, by the time i discovered the matchbox shaders and that magnificent guy, Ivar Beer.
I called it then flameOp, i think it is still in FB group.

Oh Sinan, i didn’t managed to do the things you proposed with the pixel spread. When i change spread type to Vector Warp has a dead output… what am i doing wrong??

Did you enable an output pass from your action as Motion Vector and connect that to the light blue tab on the PixelSpread?

yes i did… ithought it needed 16/32 bit inputs but no

Ah, you need to connect the vector pass to the “light blue” tab on the bottom. The normal blue is for the matte.

hahaha How stupid i feel now… thanks