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I’ve added a new script to the Logik Portal for exporting the current frame of a clip or sequence from the media panel or player view. It can also export the frames at markers in a selected clip or sequence. By default the script uses Autodesks default Jpeg export preset but this can be changed in the script setup. To have additional export presets show up in the script setup they need to first be saved as custom shared presets through Flame. Custom exports paths using tokens, and having the export path open in the MediaHub or a finder window can also be set in the script setup.



Well done Mike!

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@ MikeV,

I’ve installed the script but I only ever see the ‘Export current frame’ option. Any idea why 'Export Marker Frames doesn’t show? Running 2022.2 and latest version of the script.

Hey Thomas

I don’t have 2022.2 installed on my machine so I can’t check the script in that version. I checked in 2022.3 and it seems to be working. The only time I don’t see the Export Marked Frames menu is when I right click on a clip that has no markers. Are you getting any errors in your shell after you right click on a clip with markers?


Hi Mike,

No errors in the shell. I’ve tried segment markers and timeline markers as well as playing with the custom export settings. I don’t get ‘Export Current Frame - Custom Path’ as an option either for what it’s worth.


I had another look at the script and if you’re trying to export the marker frames from the desktop or a batch group, the Export Marker Frames menu wasn’t showing. I put a new version(1.7) up on the Portal which should now give you that menu in the Desktop and in Batch Groups. While I was checking that out I also stumbled on an issue when using the script with 2023.2 that was causing the script to export two frames for each frame that was being exported. I’ve fixed this as well.

As for the Custom Path option, that won’t give you any extra menus. All that does is allow you to setup a export path with tokens so instead of having to select a path every time you export frames, the frames will just automatically get exported to whatever custom path you assign.

Let me know how that new version works out.