Premiere Source Timecode Burn

I was watching the entertaining conform Renderdome yesterday, (congrats to @hildebrandtbernd and @bryanb for a great job under pressure) and was feeling the pain @Jeff was talking about getting source timecode to display in premiere. While I wish adobe had something better built in, I created an effect preset for myself a while ago that I wanted to share with everyone if they find themselves in that spot.

Add a transparent video clip to a layer, then drop this preset onto it. It will then display the source name and source timecode of v1 and v2. It works best without nested clips and Multi-cams need to be flattened.
It’s not perfect, but it’s saved a lot of headache durning conforms with edits I’ve prepped from premiere.
Timecode Source (3.2 KB)

Hope it helps!


Amazing! Thanks for sharing, will try it

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Awesome. I’ll be sending this to my editors.

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Great. I’m literally sitting here wondering why 1/2 the conform offline ref has random code with no relation to the source clips.

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