Premiere xml timewarps fix

Can anyone drop a few lines on how to install and work with the premiere_xml python script please?
And does it fix the timewarps issues coming from premier?


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@DannyYoon ^

I think there’s another Danny on the forums that does Python. I didn’t write a fix for Premiere

Hi Doron - If you’ve never used python scripts in Flame before it should be pretty simple.

  • put the python file (*.py) is this folder: /opt/Autodesk/shared/python
  • restart flame or refresh python hooks from the bottom right context menu
  • when you browse in MediaHub to a location with .xml files, you should be able to right click on it and at the bottom see “XML Prep > Fix Adobe Premiere XMLs”

If you’re using the latest version of the script you will see a box pop up with options before you confirm.

It fixes timewarps perfectly for me. The option is called “Fix Durations”


@Doron What things does this script fix? Does it change 2997 black/null frames to 2398 if thats what the sequence is?

Hey, I’m one of the authors of that script.

I recommend installing it via the Logik Portal:

@ace_elliott The script fixes repos so they come through correctly, and it fixes some duration mismatches (caused by timewarps or graphics) in the Premiere XML that confuse Flame, causing some clips in the timeline to have the wrong number of frames.



I hope it fix timewarps

Hey mate,
I dropped it in the /opt/Autodesk/shared/python folder, restarted flame (version 2023 if that matters)
But right click doesn’t work. I don’t see the - “XML Prep > Fix Adobe Premiere XMLs”.

Am I missing something?


Something in the App Shell will likely give you a hint. And is there a .pyc next to where you just put the .py file?

I actually just installed the Logik Portal and it worked like magic.
Thanks @KuleshovEffect @bryanb @randy