Project Setups Directory sharing mode

Hello Logik!

Workflow question for you: when creating a project, it is possible to share project setup directory from another project. It is also possible to copy the setups from an existing project for your new project.

Is anybody using these functionalities? We would like to revisit the project creation page for a future update and would like to simplify the workflow. These functionalities are quite old and I guess many of your might not even know they are available!

Not quite answering your question, the only thing I use project setups for are for old-skool batch saving. I imagine a few things I might save on the project level like some bookmarks and export settings might go in there, but for the most part all the detailed information is contained in timelines and batches.

Same, also using the setups only to save and to load when everything else is corrupted of the project and never saw a use for shared project setups in present times.

Hey Stephane,
The functionality is news to me. If I ever need ascii batch setups from another project I just manually load over as needed. But as mentioned, using ascii setups is rare vs. batch groups/iterations.

*To be more precise, we actually do use ascii batches pretty often for quick sharing between remote artists, which is very handy. Just not so much within one box.

Thanks all for your quick answers! Setups Sharing between multiple projects seems to be something we could live without but I will monitor the thread carefully in case others have specific use cases. No stress, we are not about to remove this functionality but researching for future versions.

What about the Copy Setups from a given project at Project Creation? Is this also something that is not really useful anymore?

I can’t remember the last time I needed to move setups from one project to another. About the only thing I use the project directory setups for is to save TimelineFX setups out and load them into Batch…like if I want to bake a timewarp or Image color grade into my comp tree. We definitely share batch setups between machines working on the same “job,” but we do that by pushing batch groups to each other’s shared libraries.

I could see copying setups between projects being useful if people were still doing broadcast design in Flame, but that’s been dead as the dinosaurs for at least a decade now…

The only thing we do with the project setups at creation step, is set a custom location. We do not share or copy for another project. In fact that would create a whole heap shit of problems when trying to upgrade a project to a new version of flame.

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Being able to define custom location would not be something we would remove. In fact, being able to define more custom location for the various data our products generate would be better for everybody I think.


Amen. The dream is expanding tokens to include a project location so one could template out all saving operations as one does with publishing.

maybe :wink:

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For the love of god, don’t ever point a bunch of flames at the same directory. Delete the project on one machine and you loose all of the setups from the whole team.


I do use copy setups on occasions when my project has become corrupted and I need to make a new one.

Sharing is good until it is not :wink: This is one of the reason we feel that we should not allow this kind of workflow and enforce guards so when multiple users work on a project when prevent this kind of issue.

This use case would still be valid since there is setups duplication and no risk of loosing data. But to go back to your corrupted issue, I am not clear on how a project could have corrupt data and that a copy of the same data would not be corrupted. Have you open a support case with the corrupted data so our Support team can investigate?

It doesn’t happen that often, but I have had occasions when my project is corrupt, but the setups still load in a new project.

I’ve also had occasions where I want to take a few setups home, (without the heavy lifting of an archive) to work on over a weekend.

Ok I see: when you start Flame the project does not load, right? if so, please make sure to open a support ticket and provide project data with the ticket so the issue can be investigated. Do you remember if prior the issue you had an application hang or crash? In this case, the setups are not the issue but something else so the setups are valid.

Never ever used that… :slight_smile:

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