Promise Pegasus3 R8 write permission

Hi folks, hoping to get some suggestions from the group. It’s the first time I’m using a Pegasus3 R8 and I’m having trouble with the write permission. I have an iMac 5k 2020 system on Monterey, the frame store is on the system. The pegasus3 is connected via thunderbolt3 but I can’t seem to export to the Pegasus. When I try to make a folder inside the pegasus via the desktop it asks for my admin access. Any idea how to make it so that I don’t need to input my admin password? I’m thinking its the reason why I can’t export directly to the pegasus. tried looking in the security preferences on the Mac but I don’t know what to grant permission. Hope to get your inputs :slight_smile:

Do a “get info” on the Pegasus drive and tick the box that says ignore permissions. (bottom left of window. See screen shot


Thank you so much! That did it :slight_smile: