ProResRAW Support

Is ProResRAW supported in Flame?
Need to deal with those codec for an active job …
Thanks in advance!

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Welcome Chris. I don’t think it does support ProResRaw.

Hello Chris,

No, ProRes Raw is not supported in Flame. There is no request for it in Flame Feedback, so I encourage you to add a General Request for it at



Thank you!!
Request will be created :slight_smile:

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there is a two year old request for BRAW, and that is still not in Flame, so better get your request in very early.


I’ve yet to encounter any ProResRAW in my life, but have gotten BRAW more than a couple times…

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Yeah the same here. I wish it wasn’t so time consuming for new codecs to be implemented.


has anyone created a request?

Did somebody say Flame Feedback?

Here comes the request:

As far as I know, there‘re only three tools that can read ProResRAW. Baselight FilmLight, Assimilate Scratch and FCP.
Would love to see flame step up to this codec quickly.

And for BRAW: This one hasn’t came across yet. I’ve only heard about it’s usage for personal projects. That’s because BM isn’t the favorite choice of our customers lately.
But If so: there‘s a quite cheap software to handle with that. Other than with ProResRAW.

the feature request for the BRAW implementation is FI-01652.
BRAW feature request

currently has 40 votes, and i know AD are aware - Fred even mentioned my constant requests on his LogikLive interview!

Adobe creative cloud now works with ProRes RAW, so you can transcode in Media Encoder. However as mentioned above it would be great to read PR RAW directly in to Flame.