Arri 35 and Prores raw

Anything on the horizon to allow flame to read either these formats? Arri 35 mxf’s raw works on the latest Davinci 18 which is something. Prores raw has to go through Assimilate or something similar which is a bit more of a pain

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How have I never heard of this format. Oh, it came out in 2020.

Pretty impressive sounding.

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Yeah ProRes RAW is great, and been around a wile before 2020. DJI drones use it a lot, I love it.

You can transcode in Adobe Media Encoder if you have that.

(edit to add, I would love it if Flame could read direct)

This is a question for above my knowledge grade, but could the “media reading” part of flame be uncoupled from the product releases?

This gets into other stuff like the legacy panic about avoiding upgrading for a year or more (although I was on a recent job where we hopped on the latest for media-import reasons and many people ran into an issue with the paint node that was very upsetting, so that fear isn’t entirely unwarranted), but given that new formats show up all the time and there are more reasons than just fear to not upgrade software (pipelines, ongoing parallel jobs, etc) so the ability to just update the media-literacy of flame separate from the rest of the software would be quite nice.


I would love to see support for ProRes RAW. I shoot a ton of elements with a Sony camera and the Ninja, and it’s a great format. Bonus points for doing a really top level de-bayer. I will check out Adobe Media Encoder.

I would argue that scratch is the only software that can handle prores Raw properly with proper colorspace selection, but thats just me.

I would however re-evaluate the Prores Raw, depending on what sony it might actually do worse than recording other formats, how again are we getting UHD prores raw out of a 6K sensor without cropping? that would be pixel binning/ line skipping.

Thats what resolve is for :smiley:

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Concerning the ARRI 35 for us it’s more the fact we have no way of tagging or looking at Logc4 yet. Sure we can transcode to AP0 in resolve or Baselight but it’s a pain in the *** for conforming now. Also not being able to browse the rushes is annoying.

Edit: Ofcourse we can use the LUT’s provided by Arri, but nothing internal by flame itself.

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I kinda wonder if a good lut could replace the aces locG4 IDT , idk if flame can deal with luts like this need to try