Publish finished shots from a timeline with effects

Is there a way to export shots (with handles) from the timeline so that they will include the TL effects work? I’m digging all over the manuals for publish and can’t piece it together. Thanks!

I haven’t done this myself but in sequence publish there are options for including the TL effects.

“Use Media with FX”

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Thanks but that just exports the conform as a single clip; basically exports the spot. I need to export each shot separately, including the handles and the timeline fx. :slight_smile:

If I change the Video Format to fileSequence it exports all individual shots.

You setup the format in Video options.

I sometimes do this when I need to export for a post grade although I haven’t included the timelineFX before.

And there should be a setting in preferences which will let you work with handles while doing the bfx. Remember to turn it on.

Hm, this is closer…I need to export .mov files. I was able to figure out how to export the “media only” for XML and “use media with FX”. I want to flatten since I don’t need all the tracks but if I do that the option for handles goes away. I tried exporting “keep all tracks” and include handles selected but it does not include them when exporting :frowning:

my renders are done in batch. This is a timeline that has pre-rendered clips in it, with action repos on top of those in the timeline.