Sequence Publish questions

Hi hive,
I’ve been trying to improve our longform workflow by using seq publish more, but I can’t get some things to do what I want. I want to publish select shots, not the whole timeline, to grade in other software. Flame work is done on Gap layers above the V1.1 source media. There’s nothing fiddly like Open Clips or Batch Iterations involved at all.
I’m using EDL + EXR file seq, Use Media With FX, Flatten Tracks, Generate Media.
I want to…

  1. Drop published media into folders named by record (timeline) TC, or at least TC expressed as frame number.
    The < record frame > token starts numbering from 1, from first frame of export, irrespective of where it sits on the timeline.
    I can put a clip of eg Colour Source at 00:00:00:00, but that’s messy when the media all sits on a 01hr/10hr timeline.

2a. Have the published media retain clip names in the EDL, but not in the filename of exported media (which follows a generic “< project >_online.#######.exr” type convention).

2b. Have shots which are sequential appear as separate shots with cuts, not continuous media.
Instead I get adjacent shots merged into a single event, which has to be chopped up later.

I think this is because the Flatten Tracks is throwing away the V1.1 source name and calling everything “COMMIT” (= my rendered top video layer, even though there are no Hard Commits), so in EDL terms it’s the same source with match frame edits, which are discarded.

  1. Export only select shots, not everything.
    This is probably a feature request, but it would be great if you could say ‘only export clips of a certain colour’, or with specified markers, or some other identifier.
    My current workaround is to dupe the timeline and remove everything which isn’t for this export. Again, messy.

Any pointers gratefully received, as always!

I think you’re right about Flatten Tracks - that’s throwing away the metadata you want to publish.
I don’t know of a workaround, sorry.

2b - You could give your shots / gap effects Shot Names and add that token as a folder in your export path.

3 - I do the same- dupe, trash, & export. Good feature request thought!


Thanks for your thoughts Ted. Yeah after I posted I was thinking about using Shot Names to populate the EDL, so I’ll give that a go and it may help solve 2a and 2b.