Sequence Publish with Multi Clip and Include Alpha

Morning All,

I’m Exporting some EXRs of some titles to Resolve for grading.

The titles were imported as multi channel clips (from After Effects) with associated mattes, placed on their own track in the time line, and comped over the background footage using the multi channel matte. It works as expected.

My problem is when I try and export that layer using sequence publish (with an edl) the matte is not also being exported with the media. I have tried all combinations of “mutil-channel” and “include alpha” under the Video Options tab but to no avail.

If I just copy the entire track off the timeline, and export it as one long EXR sequence the mattes work fine, if I sequence pubish it doesn’t… I want to publish it if possible because this is a longform project and I dont want to export 1000s of extra frames that are essentially black.

Is there something I’m missing?

You could match them out of the timeline and export them in bulk. Generate the edl separately.



I’ve copied them out so it keeps the timeline T/C and done it that way.

But my OCD wants it to work properly!

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